Around 8:30PM Tuesday evening, Kennewick Police were called to the Home Depot at Highway 395 and 27th. after an altercation between a customer and a worker ended with the man pulling a knife and threatening the employee.

Officer Greiber of the KPD told us the male suspect originally had begun to confront several cashiers after he claimed he was being "followed" by workers in the store. Greiber said this was NOT mask related.

The man, who felt he was being 'tailed,' confronted several cashiers in an allegedly aggressive manner, voicing his opinion about the alleged 'following.' Greiber said he asked several of them their names and was allegedly agitated.

The man then placed the item(s) he was going to purchase in the checkout area and left the store. As an employee followed him to get his license plate, the man allegedly turned around, pulled the knife and threatened the worker. Greiber said the employee had followed him because workers were concerned about his aggressive behavior, and potentially their safety.

The man, driving the box truck pictured, left, but was later pulled over on I-82 near the Finley exit.  He was arrested on a Felony charge, related to pulling the knife. The case continues to be investigated.

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