It's back! And it promises to make Free Slurpee Day look tame.

August 18-19 7-11 presents Bring Your Own Cup day, where you can walk in with a gigantic container, and walk out with your favorite Slurpee Flavor. But, there are some rules kids (from 7-11 website):

  • Cup must fit upright within a 10" hole
  • Cup must be food-safe clean (no empty antifreeze jugs!)
  • It must be watertight
  • One cup per person per visit.

But still a pretty good deal! The hours will be 11am to 7pm August 18-19 at the 7-11's in Tri-Cities. We will be visiting the one on Clearwater in Kennewick!  (For whatever reason, this promotion is not available in Cook County, Illinois...won't they be bummed!)

It will set you back $1.50 so make it a big cup.


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