While Michelle Obama jazzercizes around the nation, pushing another of her 'parents your kids are too fat' messages, State Governors were treated to a very different menu at the White House.

Sunday, numerous state Governors who attended a White House Dinner were given a menu featuring steak, creamed spinach, crab mac and cheese, dessert and wine.  The total caloric value of the meal was around 2,000 calories.  Meanwhile, check out the menu the White House wants to see mandated for grade school children that was released last wednesday:

Chef’s salad: (1 cup romaine, .5 oz low-fat mozzarella, 1.5 oz grilled chicken) with whole wheat bread
Soft pretzel (2.5 oz)
Corn, cooked (1/2 cup)
Baby carrots, raw (1/4 cup)
Skim chocolate milk (8 oz)
Low fat ranch dressing (1.5 oz)
Low fat italian dressing (1.5 oz)

Of course, nobody has a problem with a child eating the right foods.  But again, since when it become the job of the White House to tell us what to feed our children?  Nanny state strikes again.

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