A Texas congressman claims the Obama Administration is sending out numerous fake Twitter messages to support gun control legislation, and says he can prove it!

Rep. Steve Stockman (R) of Texas, who's already had numerous run-ins with the White House over a variety of issues, says the Obama support team is misusing social media to make it appear more Americans support gun control legislation than actually do.

Stockman says his office has received numerous Twitter messages from people claiming they favor gun control measures, but only about 30% of them are from real people.   Stockman says most of them, upon closer examination, have not engaged in any other dialogue with anyone else on Twitter.   His office also says the messages use default graphics and names, another sign the come from what are called robots.

You may have seen computer generated emails in your spam or junk that instead of a message, are just a gibberish of letters and numbers.  On Twitter, default names and settings, without any other interaction or activity, are signs of robo-generated accounts.

Two of the tweets, sent at nearly the same time,  follow only one person on Twitter - former Obama Digital Strategist Brad Schenck.

Stockman has called upon the White House to stop trying to "defaud Congress" and stop trying to deceive Americans into thinking a majority of people support Obama' gun control measures.

Stockman has urged that if real people have real comments, they can email or call his office and convey their ideas to his staff.  He compared the White House tactics to those of scammers who sell "male-enhancement" pills!