An onion  truck that splattered it's cargo all over a rural highway was found to not only have defective brakes, but the driver did not have a valid license.

According to Washington State Patrol troopers, a semi hauling a load of onions dropped most of it's cargo near the intersection of State Highways 221 and 14 this morning.  It happened around 11am near Patterson.

Trooper Thorson of the WSP said the truck was found to have no brakes, and the driver, 23-year-old Erik Vega of Irrigon, OR did not have a license on him. He was cited for no valid license, and what is called 'loss of load.' That citation is given when operator or equipment error (one that likely could have been prevented) causes a vehicle's load to be scattered on a street or highway, potentially causing hazard to other drivers.

No word as to what company Vega was driving for, or where the load came from. No injuries resulted from the mishap.

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