According to our good friend,,  Kennewick's average this week has been around $2.29, Pasco, $2.33.  Here's why.

According to the Fuel Gauge report from AAA, there are several factors that have led to some nice relief at the pump.

  • Decreased demand. Now that summer vacations are over, less travel drives down prices.
  • Lower crude oil prices
  • Refineries are switching to what are called "winter blends" of fuel. EPA and other standards require different fuel mixes for summer, to reduce what they claim are increased summer pollution factors.

According to AAA, as of September 15th, (the last time it was factored) the national average is hovering around $2.284 per gallon. Barring any disruptions in production, or volatile world events (especially in the Middle East), these prices should linger for much of the early fall.

So enjoy it while you can, and use the leftover change to pick up a soda!