Thursday Kennewick police, with help from the K-9 unit, caught a man accused of slamming his car into a fire hydrant, then fleeing the scene.

Police received a call Thursday morning about a car that had hit the hydrant near Hood Ave. and Neel Streets. The driver, 28-year-old Alan Ridgway, fled the scene on foot.  Police gave chase, and called in Bear, one of the department's K-9 dogs.

Kennewick police dog Bear doing his job (Kennewick Police)
Kennewick police dog Bear doing his job (Kennewick Police)

Ridgway was seen returning to the vehicle, grabbed some objects, then ran again. By this time Bear was tracking him. He fled to the 3000 block of Canal Drive, where he was seen throwing an object into some bushes.

As he fell down an embankment in an open field alongside Canal, Ridgway was caught by Bear and an officer. The stuff he grabbed from the car and later threw away was determined to be a large bag of meth. He's now in the Benton County jail on drug charges, and various driving citations.

Officers didn't say if Ridgway was under the influence at the time of the crash, but pretty hard to miss a fire hydrant!


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