Sometimes they're referred to as mummy straps, which is kind of like a straight jacket.

Pasco Police have released details about the wild apprehension of a drug suspect from last Thursday.

Around 10 PM, Officers were called to the Sage N' Sun Motel at the base of the Cable Bridge in Pasco. A female victim who rents a room there had left for several hours, but when she returned, she found 30-year-old Amber Rae Diaz of Richland and another person in the room, "doing drugs and laughing."

The male left, but Diaz refused. She assaulted the victim, shoved her outside, and locked her from the room.  Officers got a key from the front desk, but Diaz continued to hold the handle from the inside. After forcing their way inside Diaz became combative. She assaulted officers, spit all over one of the patrol cars, and ended up having to be restrained with what's called the Wraps straps and fabric restraint system.

Because of the drugs and her behavior she was taken to a nearby hospital, medically cleared, and around 1 AM Friday morning was placed on several investigative holds in the Franklin County jail.

The investigation continues. Police didn't say if she had any prior connection to the victim,

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