A Tri-City law enforcement team continues to investigate the September 16th fatal shooting of a Walla Walla man, who was said to be suicidal and later caused what officers said was a 'perceived threat' resulting in him being fatally shot.

Christopher Adam Borland was fatally shot after a confrontation with 3 Walla Walla officers that day. The 911 call from Borland's ex-girlfriend has been released, now authorities are searching for possible witnesses to the incident.

Borland drove around in his car, armed with a handgun, for some time and was tailed by police before finally stopping. He stepped out of the vehicle, was seen to be armed, and officers fired over what was called the 'perceived threat.' He was fatally struck.

Now, the vehicles pictured in our story are being sought by officials, the drivers may or may not have seen part or all of the confrontation-incident. Anyone who knows who may have been driving these vehicles, or the drivers themselves, are urged to contact the Walla Walla police department at (509)-524-4401. The drivers are simply wanted so officials can find out if they saw anything.


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