Kennewick police say a 38-year-old woman is in custody after she allegedly threatened roommates at their home on Dennis Street.

It began with police getting calls from Jasmine Stewart around 2AM. They received at least four calls before they were made aware of a standoff situation. Stewart was allegedly smashing furniture and items in the home and threatening others who lived there. When the situation escalated SWAT and others were called in.

She was reportedly suicidal, and the others fled the house for their own safety with help from police and sheriff's deputies.

Stewart refused to exit. After several hours police entered the home and using non-lethal methods (including a Taser) subdued Stewart. Police say there's sufficient evidence to charge her with 2nd Degree Assault.

It is not known if she will also undergo a psych evaluation given the events and circumstances. No other people were injured the incident.

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