They almost darkened the skies over Germany, others buzzed over the jungle treetops in the Pacific. And they're coming to Bergstrom Aircraft at the Pasco Airport soon.

Young and old will marvel at these classic warbirds that will be on display at Bergstrom June 24 through 26th.  On tap to arrive will be a classic B-17 four engine bomber, a B-24 Liberator four-engine bomber, a B-25 Mitchell twin-engine bomber, and a fast P-51 Mustang fighter.

The B-25 was the plane used in the legendary raid on Tokyo in 1942 that shocked the Japanese, who believed the Americans were reeling. 16 B-25's were launched from an aircraft carrier off the Japanese coast, and dropped bombs.  The B-24 saw action in Europe and the Pacific, as did the legendary B-17. That was the famous plane in the movie Memphis Belle.

The event is being staged with help from the Collins Foundation, who's goal is to preserve historic aircraft, especially military, and preserve our history. You can even pay to take a flight in one of these planes.

The event begins at 5pm June 24th, click here for details or call Bergstrom Aircraft at (509)-547-6721.

We've seen previous tours, don't miss this one! Incredible!