Late Monday night Kennewick Police raced up to the 6200 block of West Clearwater, near the Thai Elephant restaurant, for a report of a car prowl in progress. An employee at one of the businesses noticed the activity on their closed circuit surveillance camera system, and called 911.

Upon arrival police spotted the white truck (pictured) and a man trying to break into a vehicle. Police say the man jumped from the truck and ran but was caught after only a few feet covered.

Police say the driver, identified as 56-year-old Tamara Dermates is facing Criminal Trespass 2nd, DWLS(driving on suspended license) 3rd, and Vehicle Prowl. She was released at the scene, but the male suspect, 35-year-old Charles Cohee was taken to jail for Criminal Trespass 2nd, Vehicle Prowl, Violation of Court Order, and Obstructing a Public Servant.

Police did not say why despite the court order (most likely restraining order or no contact) the pair were together, and why they were prowling vehicles.!  Maybe not.

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