A 22-year-old Kennewick man is behind bars for a variety of offenses after he's accused of hitting a pedestrian Saturday night.

Kennewick Police and Benton County Deputies were clearing the parking lot at Clearwater and Highway 395, it's become a spot for would be racers to speed up and down and otherwise driver recklessly. Other than Rite Aid, which is open 24-hours, the large lot is usually completely empty after business hours, making it attractive for drivers.

One of the vehicles drover in several circles, said police, then raced towards Highway 395 before suddenly slamming on the brakes just before hitting a pedestrian along the highway.

The car then sped away at a high rate of speed. Police and Deputies attempted to pull it over but called off the chase due to safety concerns. However using the plates and other information, they traced the vehicle to the 800 block of South Cedar Pl. At that location, Kafaya Bugal, the driver, was located. He's now facing a variety of charges including reckless driving, hit and run and driving without a valid license.

His vehicle was impounded as well. Police did not provide information on the condition of the pedestrian.

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