If it weren't for a group of modest heroes, who didn't want their names publicized, an 81-year-old Kennewick man would  be dead from burning to death in his car.

Wednesday night, the man was driving East on East Lewis Place, it runs along the Pasco Flea Market and along Highway 12. He apparently became confused and crashed into the fence where East Lewis Place stops in a dead-end.

His car struck the State Highway fence, and the badly damaged vehicle's exhaust set fire to the brush and weeds. The man was unable to get out as the flames roared up around him, because his door was badly damaged and jammed shut.

But this group of quick-thinking passers by acted fast. Using a hammer and teaming together, they smashed open the driver's side window, were able to pry the door open and dragged the man through the flames to safety just before the car itself was consumed!

Police have not released the elderly man's identity yet pending notification and locating of his relatives, but he survived. All this happened before first responders could get to the scene.  WSP, Pasco Police and Fire say if these people hadn't acted, the man would be dead.

These folks didn't want their names released, but officers did convince them to at least pose for a photo. They deserve thanks for this brave and selfless act.

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