Here Are 10 Small Towns In Washington State Worth Visiting

I can hear that old John Mellencamp song playing in my head right now. "I was born in a small town" and it got me thinking, we've got a lot of great small Washington towns that are worth visiting right here in our own great state.

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There Are Some Amazing Small Towns In Washington State

I've been to a few of these on our lists and they are a lot of fun to visit. Dayton Washington because of its proximity to the Tri-Cities is one town I've been to a lot.

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We asked you on Facebook and you gave us a long list of small towns in Washington State that are worth visiting.


We've created an easy-to-follow gallery and we've included a link to each of the town's information if you so desire to visit any of the small towns we've listed in our Top 10.

Our picks are totally random so we don't believe that one town is better than another.

credit: Kenny Stanford

After all, that being said, let's take a look at the top 10 small towns in Washington State you picked on our Facebook page as the best places to visit.

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