Thrift Stores have some weird stuff, but books but in particular are usually strange. We searched the shelves for the weirdest books we could find. Here are the 10 we found.


The Competent manager eh? Only a competent manager would have gifted this book to Goodwill.


The Idiots COMPLETE guide to Mexico's Beach Resorts. Its probably a good idea this book was made. If I was an idiot going to one of mexico's beach resorts, I would probably want this book. Then again, If I was an Idiot I probably wouldn't read this book which is probably why it ended up at goodwill.

Winning with Words? What do you win besides a better vocabulary? Hmmmm.

This cracked me up. "Better homes and gardens" has a Family medical guide? I don't know about you but when I see copies of "Better Homes and Gardens" magazines it is all home decor and how to arrange your gardens so they look pretty. How they have any expert knowledge on medical practices is beyond me, and quite a few others as there was 5 copies of this book on the shelves.

12 copies of the "Book of Mormon; Student Manual". No need to say more.

After you see a pot of boiling water, this book loses all of its charm.

This book will help bring knowledge about the beers around the world, but that is it as there are no samples included.

Because the top 100 wasn't good enough?

Do we really need an entire book on the silly lights that hang over our entryways and dining room tables? I think not.

Another depressing memoir of a sobering time in american history.