Keep it for yourself, or gift it to the Glenn Beck Fan in your life!

Glenn has just released his latest work, "Miracles and Massacres, True and Untold Stories of the Making of America,"  to rave reviews.   How much to you really know about how our country was founded?   How CLOSE did we often come to not "making it?"

You've heard of the Midnight Ride of Paul Revere.  What about the other ride during the Revolution that kept the Continental Army from being ambushed and destroyed, and our generals -including Washington(!) from being captured?

What was the real backround story of Thomas Edison, who invented the modern lightbulb?  Was he really a 'bad guy?' What about his battle with George Westinghouse and how did it shape our electrical and energy development?  How did it make such a big difference in how we live today?  Also read about his disastrous early attempts to "perfect" the electric chair used for execution.

Were 20 soldiers given the Medal of Honor for the Battle at Wounded Knee South Dakota - even though it was a massacre?

Read about this and other fascinating stories you've probably never heard about, but shaped our history and destiny more than many we learned about in school and elsewhere.

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