The 39th annual Christ the King Sausage Fest starts Friday at noon and after 11 a.m. Saturday and goes until midnight both days. It's a real hoot if you've never been and here are 10 things you should know before you go:

  • 1

    It's a fundraiser

    The annual event raises money for Christ the King School so don't be stingy with your wallet.

  • 2

    It's the 3rd largest event in Tri-Ciites

    After Water Follies and the Benton Franklin Fair & Rodeo the Sausage Fest is the largest annual event in Tri-Cities (and probably the Mid Columbia).

  • 3

    Expect to walk a little after parking

    There is ample parking for this event considering Christ the King is surrounded by half a dozen big churches with huge parking lots, plus the Kadlec spill-over parking, plus plenty of quiet side streets to park on. But all of this is at least a block away from the event. Traffic control is done excellently but be prepared to walk after parking.

  • 4

    Wear good shoes

    There are picnic tables for eating, but they are busy and turn over quickly. Most of your time spent at Sausage Fest will be only your feet (walking the kids around the games, standing in line for food, watching performances, shopping, etc.)

  • 5

    Bring enough cash to graze all day

    Take it from a veteran, don't try to decide between a giant pretzel, a bierock, a bratwurst, pie and more. Bring enough to get them all and just take your time.

  • 6

    The best entertainment is after 7 p.m.

    There are dances, performances and demonstrations all day but the best entertainment begins after 7. Brothers Ride and Sultana Dancers are on Friday and Voodoo Alley and Sultana Dancers are on Saturday.

  • 7

    There are different events in different buildings

    The main courtyard has the food, music and carnival games, but wander a little to find silent auctions, craft fairs, beer gardens, and more performances,

  • 8

    Wear sunscreen if it's sunny

    There is almost no shade at Sausage Fest. A huge parachute is erected over much of the eating area but most of your time there will be in the sun. If you come early in the day, wear sunscreen.

  • 9

    Bring Cash

    Almost all of Sausage Fest is cash only.

  • 10

    Be friendly, it's a party

    At Water Follies and the Fair you are there to be entertained. Sausage Fest is a community party. Get get some food and some drink and you wander around and let the kids play. So come with a socializing attitude. With 30,000 people passing through you're going to see people you know.

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