We all have those mornings where everything goes wrong and we slap our foreheads thinking, "Only in Tri-Cities..." Well here are a few ways you can make that work for you the next time you're running late!

  • Benton City flooded
  • My car was blocked by a wall of tumbleweeds
  • I couldn't get out of the Columbia Blvd./395 roundabout
  • My spouse was accidentally contaminated at Hanford and the whole family was quarantined.
  • Did you hear the wind last night? A tree fell on my house.
  • Wind blew my trampoline on top of the neighbor's house.
  • I swerved to miss a jackrabbit and went off the road.
  • I had to go searching for my garbage can.
  • Wind knocked my power out and I overslept.
  • Steptoe was all backed up and I couldn't leave my neighborhood!
  • I was stopped by a train crossing on Fruitland.
  • I got confused in a roundabout and ended up in Oregon.
  • The line at Dutch Bros. was unbelievable.
  • SWAT is next door and I was told to stay inside.
  • Wreck on the Blue Bridge.

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