Initial area of gunfire (google street view)
Initial area of gunfire (google street view)

A suspect is in the Benton County Jail on multiple felony charges following a shooting on Wednesday.

  Suspect was located and arrested

Just before 9 AM, Kennewick Officers were notified by a witness near 1st Ave. and Kellogg Street they'd heard several gunshots fired close to the intersection.

Then a short time later, another citizen called authorities and said their vehicle had been hit by gunfire while they were driving on Kennewick Ave. near South Quay St. That location is about four miles east of the original gunfire report.

After talking with the victim, KPD found their car had indeed been hit by several bullets, but luckily they were not hurt.

A K-9 was used to help track the suspect, and it led them to a fourplex located on West 1st. Ave. Benton County Deputies and SWAT assisted KPD in surrounding the building, nearby residences were evacuated.

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After numerous attempts to get the suspect to come out, he refused and police used what they said were additional methods to persuade him to give up. Jesus Villa-Mendoza was arrested and charged with a long list of crimes, besides previous warrants:

"Revised Code of Washington 9A.36.011 – Assault in the First Degree
• Revised Code of Washington 9.41.041 – Unlawful Possession of a Firearm in the First Degree
• Revised Code of Washington 9A.76.040 – Resisting Arrest
• Revised Code of Washington 9A.76.020 – Obstructing a Law Enforcement Officer"
  He is now in the Benton County jail. No injuries were reported from any of the incidents.

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