Keep Using Caution at Pump for Card Skimmers, They Strike Again
Kennewick  Police and other Tri-City law enforcement agencies caution people to continue to be careful when using debit or credit cards at ATM's and gas pumps.
According to police, a group of thieves made a sweep through Western WA over the weekend, scamming thousands from dozens (if not hu…
Search on For Lewiston Shooter; Four Hurt Including Officer
A Nez Perce Tribal Police officer is in St. Joe's Hospital suffering from two gunshot wounds after he was ambushed at his home Wednesday afternoon.
Little is known about the shooter, but Lewiston, ID, police and the Lewis County Sheriff's Office are investigating along with Clarkston, WA, p…
Residents Want Kennewick to Be a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary City
Initiative 1639 is already facing a State Supreme Court challenge, due to a variety of inconsistencies, and the possibility it violated the state's election Initiative laws (because it included MORE than one subject or focus goal). But that hasn't stopped a growing group of Kennewick resid…

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