Like some  suspects in certain crimes, this man fled south. His attempt to re-enter the US proved to be his undoing.

Back in 1995, Ezequiel Romero, then 15, was accused of murder when he fired a gun into an apartment on July 5th. Andres Elizondo was killed by the gunfire. According to police, Romero was trying to kill Andres' son Michael, but ended up killing his sleeping father instead at the complex at 720 West Agate Street.

A lengthy investigation led to an arrest warrant being issued in December 2000, but Romero got 'into the wind.' At that time he went by Raul "Gato" Romero.

But then police got a call from Utah authorities in Salt Lake City on October 18th, saying Romero was arrested on information from his warrant, and was in custody. Pasco officials flew to the city to interview him, then extradited him to Pasco. He had tried to re-enter the U.S. and customs and border officials recognized him from the nationwide warrant.

As of Wednesday Oct. 30 he was in the Franklin County jail on charges of First Degree and First Degree Attempted Murder.

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