What a season for the Tri-City Dust Devils, and the team wants to thank the fans, because they were responsible for a lot of reasons.

The Dust Devils began the season with the most significant stadium improvements in years, filling in the entire right field area with seats instead of the aluminum bleachers.

On June 29th, 4 Dust Devils pitchers combined to throw the 3rd no hitter in franchise history, dating back to 2001.  

The Vineros De Tri-City nights (saluting local culture and the wine industry) were a huge success, with the light purple hats becoming one of the best selling minor league hats at MiLB.com.  

For the second year in a row, GESA Stadium was voted the BEST Single A short-season park in America, again beating Avista Stadium in Spokane; in Baseball Digests' annual stadium contest.

The team drew 87,021 fans this year, again breaking the single-season attendance record. The Dust Devils have broken that record more times over the last ten years than virtually every other minor league team in the U.S.  Very few have broken their season mark year after year after year.

  The team won it's 6th Division title since 2001, beating Spokane in a nail biting 3-2 10th inning walk off Sept. 6th.  Unfortunately, they fell 3 games to 2 to Hillsboro for the Northwest League overall title, but their win over heavily favored Spokane was truly enjoyable.

Since the San Diego Padres have relocated their A team here five years ago,  more former Dust Devils have made it to the Majors than the last 13 years combined.

We are definitely looking forward to 2020, for another great season of summer nights and great baseball with the Dust Devils.


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