Whoever tied up and shot 3 husky dogs south of Benton City is likely to face animal cruelty felony charges, if they are identified.

Benton County Deputies find 3 injured huskies Tuesday evening

According to multiple reports, including KAPP-KVEW TV, a person passing through the area of Weber Canyon and Dennis Road shortly before 9 PM Tuesday night called authorities to report the three dogs in distress.

The location is south of Benton City, in a remote area. The three Huskies were tied up to some sagebrush, and all had been shot. Mid Columbia Emergency Services were contacted to help assist with the animals, who are said to be in dire need of care. Deputies did not say if the animals had single or multiple wounds. It was also not revealed if they were younger or older adult dogs, or if they were male or female.

Benton County Canine Shelter officials say one of the dogs has since died, and the others are being treated through Vista Veterinary Hospital. According to KAPP=KVEW and officials, their medical bills could be expensive, and a fund has been set up for donations from the public.

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The Shelter will oversee their overall care and it's hoped once they recover they can be re-homed. In the meantime, the investigation continues. Anyone who may have information is urged to call (509)-628-0333. All leads can be confidential.

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