32-year-old Pedro Bucio had, say Franklin County Deputies, a 19-year-old teen living in his home near Eltopia. But now the teen is dead, having been found fatally shot on Saturday.

Deputies now say Bucio is accused of shooting Reynaldo Rodriguez-Hernandez several times in the head. Hernandez had apparently been living in the home for a couple of months, sharing it with the suspect, his girlfriend and parents, before moving out. But he still, say sources, visited and hung out there often.

Saturday, a 911 call informed authorities a body wrapped in a tarp had been found at the home. Officials say Bucio had access to the home, several guns there, but suddenly disappeared without telling anyone. This was shortly before the discovery of the body.

An anonymous tip, say officials, led them to the Econo Lodge in Kennewick, where he was located. Authorities say his disappearance, plus the evidence gathered so far, led to a charge of murder being filed against Bucio.  His bail is set at $1 Million, he is due to appear in court May 5th. Bucio is pictured below. (Image courtesy of KEPR-KIMA TV)

Murder Suspect Bucio (Franklin County KIMA-KEPR TV)
Murder Suspect Bucio (Franklin County KIMA-KEPR TV)

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