The Seattle Seahawks got a huge first win this Sunday against the Cowboys. I was there in Centurylink to experience it in person but when I got home and watched the broadcast of the game, I was surprised by a few things I saw.

Did you catch these 3 things?

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    Why Doug Baldwin was Yelling on the Sideline

    Doug Baldwin was caught on camera yelling at Seahawks personnel on the sidelines. The worst announcing team in football, Aikman & Buck, wrongly said it was a Seahawks coach.

    Baldwin was really yelling at Trent Kirchner, the Co-Director of Player Personnel for the Seattle Seahawks. The rumor at the stadium was that something was "going down" with Earl behind the scenes. Doug was yelling at Trent right after Earl made a huge interception.

    I think Doug was frustrated because he was upset they were trying to trade Earl, even when he is obviously so important to the team. That first interception by Earl started a spark that lead to the Seahawks first touchdown soon after.

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    Dj Fluker Had Shoe Problems

    With 8:51 left in the 1st quarter, Dj Fluker lost his right shoe during the play. He tried to put it back on quickly but didnt have time to tie it and it came off again on the next play.

    Fluker was going to have to leave the game, except a Cowboy, Crawford #98, got injured and that gave Fluker time to tie his shoe. His shoe seemed to stay on the rest of the game luckily. Good thing too because Fluker was a lot of the reason we had a running game again.

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    Multiple Swear Words Were Heard

    The fist audible swear word happened right after Fluker lost his shoe in the 1st quarter. Crawford was on the ground injured and the announcers stopped talking for a second while the camera zoomed in on the player down. Joe Buck says "so they check out Tyron Crawford".

    That is when Crawford yells out clear as day the mother of all swear words...the F-BOMB. The camera instantly cuts back to the announcers who are obviously a little surprised.

    Then again in the 2nd quarter with around 6:40 left, a play goes out of bounds. Joe Buck says "let's see who the call is against" and you hear plain as day...F that N.

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    Seahwks Legends from 1976 Original Team

    Steve Largent, Jim Zorn, and a bunch of the original 1976 Seattle Seahawks first team were on the field for an announcement. It was quick and they did not even announce the individual players in the stadium, but it was still cool.

    I did not see the group in the TV broadcast, not sure why.