Crash snarls traffic on Clearwater in Kennewick (KPD)
Crash snarls traffic on Clearwater in Kennewick (KPD)


Fortunately, no one was seriously hurt.

UPDATE--below story 

 Kennewick Police respond to four-car crash

Shortly after 9 AM Wednesday morning, Kennewick Police responded to this crash on Clearwater Ave. right in front of Winco Foods, in the 4800 block.

Eastbound Clearwater between Yost and Union was closed for the better part of an hour as Police and wrecker crews cleaned up the debris.

Fortunately, only minor injuries were reported, no specifics yet as to what led to the crash. More information is expected soon.

 UPDATE---we have learned the red jeep pictured in the photo was turning onto Clearwater and did not see an oncoming car. The resulting head-on crash also snared two other vehicles, one of which came to stop against the taco truck parked across the street from Winco Foods.

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