Summer starts Thursday and we all know Tri-Cities can get uncomfortably hot. Some of you may be desperate in your attempts to keep your homes cool. Well… I’m here to inform you on techniques that won’t work so great.

Here is a list of 5 stupid ideas for cooling your home:

1 ) Keeping your fridge and freezer door open. (This will likely generate a large electricity bill as well.)

2 ) Buying ice blocks to stash around the house. (Puddles…puddles… and puddles…)

3 ) Hiring people to fan you off with palm tree leaves. (I’m not sure where you would find such people in the first place.)

4 ) Close your garage door and turn on your vehicles air conditioning. (This is a good way to get Carbon Monoxide poisoning.)

5 ) Watch Ice Road Truckers. (This doesn’t need an explanation.)

On the other hand, calling Bruce Heating & Air is a GUARANTEED way to keep your home cool. Bruce Inc. is a family-owned company that delivers a complete range of products to ensure your total home comfort. Feel perfectly comfortable at home with their innovative Lennox Residential heating, cooling and air quality systems – designed to conserve energy and save money. Their complementing air filtration systems, humidifiers and dehumidifiers help keep indoor air quality healthy and clean. And, in the event of an outage, we can back up your comfort with safe and reliable whole-home generators.

Here are some tips from Miguel for keeping your air conditioning unit cool:

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