Christmas is around the corner and we were brainstorming at work about great ideas for gifts but our minds went into the gutter. Just for fun, we made a list of crazy pet Christmas presents that could work for kids if you were up for "Bad Parent of the Year." #justforfun

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    Piqapoo Dog Bag

    The Piqapoo is a portable poop catching system that is easy to use. Now you don't have to change diapers or worry about potty training with this amazing product. Just attach the handy poop catching bag to the back of your child and that is it! Of course, finding the perfect spot to attach it might be some what of a challenge without a tail. I hear a tie around the waist "add-on" will be available sometime in 2018.

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    Woof Washer 360 Dog Washing Tool

    Washing a dog got easier with the Woof Washer 360 Washing Tool, but can you see how much easier it would be to washing your kid? They can sit there playing and you walk up and hose them off with the ring. It would be so much easier for mom to keep the dog and junior clean.

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    Scat Mat Electronic Pet Training Mat

    The Scat Mat Electronics Pet Training Mat is perfect for training a cat to stay off of a table or counter, and can be used to keep dogs out of the trash. The mats use a safe small electrical shock to train the animal or child to stay off or out of a certain area in your house. When your pet or infant crawls or walks on the mat they get a little shock. The jolt reminds them to stay down, out of a room, or in their crib.

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    The PetChatz is a remote video system that lets pet owners see and talk to their pets through a phone app. The camera system is mounted on a wall and also lets owners deliver treats remotely. Imagine how useful this could be to check on kids at home and use the treat delivery system to reward them for answering the video call or doing chores.

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    Wigzi Dual Doggie Leash

    Retractable leashes are great for giving a dog, cat or child a sense of freedom. Being able to stop them from running into traffic is important to any parent, be it a toddler or fur baby. Wigzi has the Dual Doggie to help when you need a second leash. Two dogs? No problem. Two kids? No problem. Two cats? Well, you can at least drag them together. (kidding, we are kidding)

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    PetSafe ScatMat

    PetSafe ScatMat is a safe clean hygienic way to allow pets to go potty on a mat when life just won’t let you take your dog for a walk. For parents, this could be a solution to when you run out of diapers or your little one keeps wiggling out of their Pampers. Just lay a ScatMat down in a playpen, or a gated kitchen floor, and your infant can crawl around and go while you wait for your spouse to get back from the store with new diapers. Rinse of your pet or child if the area gets too messy and replace the ScatMat.

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