A 60-year-old bike rider survived a potential serious injury after a collision with a car Tuesday morning.

Kennewick Police were called to an area near N. Zinser and West Clearwater after getting a report the man was struck.


We don't know if the man was thrown off the bike, sometimes in these collisions, the rider is blasted a number of feet by the impact.

However, at the scene, the man was conscious and did not appear to have any serious injuries when triaged by Kennewick EMS. He was taken to a nearby hospital for evaluation, and the driver remained at the scene and was cooperating with Officers.

No word if any charges pending.

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Police say it's a reminder that no matter how busy or distracted you may feel behind the wheel, keep your head on a swivel and always be on the lookout for bike riders, and pedestrians--especially children--who may dart where you don't expect.

Speaking of traffic,


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