Another week, another round of punishing snow. 

By this point, we're grizzled, seasoned vets. Snowpocalypse? Is that the best you've got? It's gonna take more than that!

No matter how conditioned we are, let's face it. The snow storm of the century sucks.

Here's 7 reasons why I'm ready for sweet, sweet spring.

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    Highways can be difficult to drive on

    Highway lanes can narrow around the shoulders. Slush can get in between making lane changes more anxious for drivers.

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    Store parking lots get smaller

    Parking stalls are fewer in bigger store parking lots this winter. All of the snow build up has to go somewhere. (It's not melting either.) Plus, when the snow falls and gets on the parking lot - good luck pushing that cart through it!

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    Kids stay home from school

    Parents feel like they're going to turn into Jack Nicholson from The Shining. They're cooped up with their kids. They're barely hanging on to the frays of their sanity. "I don't know how I'll get through one more day of this."

    Remember, you LOVE your kids.

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    Roundabout: Armageddon

    Roundabouts aren't for everyone. I happen to love them. But that didn't save me from being rear-ended last week. You can drive as carefully as ever, but you can't always account for the field of play. Ouch.

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    I can't wait to shovel snow again!

    It's required by the city. It's the neighborly thing to do. Like clockwork, the snowplow comes around and undoes all of your best intentions. Again you rise to the task at hand. You scoop it all over again. But nobody would judge you for questioning why you go back out there every day to shovel your part of the sidewalk.

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    Is my garbage going to get picked up?

    I was up to my literal ears in garbage last week because the garbage crew couldn't make it down my street. I was rejoicing the day they finally came. I could walk in my house!

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    Sheer boredom

    When local authorities urge you to stay home, you can't walk to a park, and you're snowed in: you're gonna start to feel yourself slipping away. I don't care if you have Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and HB-freaking-O; 4 straight days of this is gonna bore the crap out of you. I wanna get out! I don't care if it's just to go to the grocery store. YOU CAN'T LOCK ME IN HERE FOREVER, SNOW!