The latest effort of Lets Go WA appears to be successful.

  Initiative 2066 would protect natural gas as an option for consumers

Following the lastest moves by the Democratic party in the legislature and the Climate Commitment Act, utility companies are being squeezed into gradually forcing consumers away from natural gas.

Also, the WA State Building Codes Council has adopted new rules that make it financially difficult for commercial and residential builders to utilize gas.

Now, Initiative 2066 would push that back.  The Building Industry Association of WA and Lets Go Wa turned in petitions on Tuesday with 413,000 signatures, more than enough to qualify for the ballot in November.  They gathered more than the required number to allow for duplicates or invalid signatures. The legal requirement was just over 364K.

Referring to the legislature's actions recently, Lets Go WA Founder Steven Heywood told The Center Square:

“They’re gonna gaslight and say it’s not a ban, but the bill itself does call for PSE to put together a geographic electrification plan to eliminate areas they would not provide natural gas.”

That's a reference to legislation passed and signed into law this session in the form of House Bill 1589 to allow Puget Sound Energy to start planning how to move away from natural gas. Passage of HB 1589 prompted the attempt to get I-2066 on this November's ballot."

  No plans or programs have been brought forth by any of the natural gas ban supporters to help consumers, business people, and homeowners convert to electricity from gas. A recent series of studies shows the average household cost in WA to convert from natural gas to electricity is nearly $40,000.

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