This Kennewick home has me reconsidering if I'd move my parents or in-laws in or not.

This home has over 9,000 square feet, nine bathrooms, seven bedrooms, two garages, and three kitchens.

Normally, I'd say "no way, absolutely not, why would you even ask me that?" I need my space. My home is my sanctuary and I need to recharge." It's hard enough when family stays over for a week but we're talking permanence here. Sorry, Mom! But then I saw this house in Kennewick.

This house has nine bedrooms and three kitchens.

I don't think this qualifies as a mansion because while modern, the architecture is pretty modest. It's not gold-plated with marble pillars and limestone floors. Do people get limestone floors?

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But, it has space and lots of it. This home has over 9,000 square feet, nine bathrooms, seven bedrooms, two garages, and three kitchens. It's what you call a "multi-generational" home, meaning that you could move your parents or in-laws upstairs and everyone maintains their autonomy. You could probably go days without seeing them. So, see you next Christmas!

I swear I'm not really that heartless but seeing a house like this has left me in a bit of shock. I can't help but wonder what the water and electricity bills look like. I could definitely start a cult commune here. Unfortunately, it's fresh off the market, having sold for a little over a million dollars. So, let us weep together as we take a virtual tour of this massive titan of a house.

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