We're out...only we're not.  The War in Afghanistan is over and the military has pulled out of the country, losing 13 more servicemen and women in the process.  The Taliban is officially in power, other terrorist groups are crawling out of the woodwork and out of caves, reconstituting their evil organizations, billions in American weapons and technology is now in Taliban hands and a lot of people who know about such things say we are less safe than we were 20 years ago when the mission first began.

Why We Went

You remember the mission?  Get Bin Laden, disrupt the Taliban, train the Afghanistan people to fight for themselves, and keep Al Queda off-balance and on the run so they didn't have a safe space and training ground to plan and mount other attacks on America.

So after 20 years, we're out...only we're not.  Americans are still on the ground and want out and thousands of our allies are stranded too.

It's On You Joe

Bradley Bowman is the senior director of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies Center on Military and Political Power  He writes on NBC News Opinion, " the truth is that the decision by Biden to pursue a calendar-based withdrawal motivated by the “ending endless war” narrative and an ill-advised promise Biden made in his campaign is the primary explanation for the disaster we are seeing now in Afghanistan."'

Shawn Marceau is a former Marine living in Harrah, WA.  He is a Gold Star dad.  His son, Lance Corporal Joe Jackson, was killed in Afghanistan on Easter Sunday in 2011.

Gold Star Dad Lives With The Loss

He visits his boy's grave every Tuesday.  After ten years, the tears of grief and loss are still just one quick memory removed from his thoughts every day.  We asked him to tell us about his son and he was proud to share. We also asked about his reaction to the way America left Afghanistan and left Americans and allies behind.  He had plenty to say about that too.  Gold Star Dad Shawn Marceau....

Speak Up, Reach Out, Get Help

Byron Kent is one of the great KIT listeners who happens to work with disabled veterans and he knows the departure from Afghanistan and America turning over the keys to the country to a band of murderous terrorists could have a depressing and upsetting impact on some veterans.  He urges family and friends to reach out and check on family vets and he reminds his fellow vets not to suffer in silence but to seek out someone to talk to, like him!

Disabled American Vets  (509) 575-4748   911 North 15th Avenue, Yakima, Wa

Former Marine Byron Kent  (509) 453-2720

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