WRPD says it's going to be there for a while (WRPD)
WRPD says it's going to be there for a while (WRPD)









UPDATE---a little more information has been revealed by Richland Police. See at bottom of story.

An SUV that an unknown person (or persons) drove into the Yakima River near West Richland is going to be there for a while, say police.

Don't keep calling 9-1-1, WRPD knows it's there-and it's empty

Early Thursday morning, around 7:30 AM, reports came in from citizens about a person who deliberately drove, or rolled, an SUV out into the Yakima River near the river crossing at Van Giesen near 38th Ave.

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Columbia Basin Dive Rescue and other emergency responders came to the scene along with West Richland Police, but they also got credible reports from witnesses that somebody deliberately rolled or drove the vehicle out into the water.

 Now what? 

Thursday afternoon, WRPD posted notices, including on social media, that read in part:

"If your driving into West Richland and happen to observe the partially submerged vehicle in the river please DO NOT call dispatch. We are aware of the situation. Due to the location of the vehicle it will likely remain in the river for a few weeks, but arrangements have been made to have it removed.
Thank you all for your concern and for being our 👀 eyes!"
  So, now we wait until they can get it out, especially when the water begins to recede after snow runoff.  Might not be much of it left internally after that.
  No word if anyone knows whose it is.
UPDATE---Late Thursday, Richland Police confirmed the SUV was deliberately rolled into the river. RPD said online: "evidence inside the vehicle confirmed the vehicle was intentionally dumped in the river."
 However, no further details about that evidence or the suspect(s) were revealed.
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