A 29-year-old woman entered a not guilty plea when she was arraigned this week on charges in Benton County Superior Court.

Jocelyn M. Bellon was a nanny who was caring for David T. Schreiber in Richland in July of 2016. She was home with him and his 3-month-old brother.

She'd been home with them alone July 19th for about 90 minutes, says KNDU-TV, when she called the children's mother to report David was choking. After David was rushed to Kadlec, then flown to Sacred Heart Hospital in Spokane, he died shortly thereafter.

An investigation revealed medical officials say he died due to complications from a skull fracture. He also had hemorrhages in both eyes. Medical experts said both injuries occurred within minutes or hours of her calling the mother, and 911 being called. He had edima to his brain, and damage to his retinal and optic nerves, consistent with a non-accidental trauma.  Officials said the blow to his head was considered severe.

She is facing First Degree Manslaughter charges with Aggravating circumstances.

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