No specific details have been released by Adams County Jail authorities, but apparently this suspect was able to dine and dash?

   The burglary suspect tried in absentia and found guilty

49-year-old ohn Michael Daigneault was being tried on a burglary incident that happened a few months ago near Highway 21 near Odessa, WA just inside the Adams County line.

No specifics of the case were listed, but according to the Adams County Sheriff's Office, Diagneault was able to slip away and escape during the lunch break. Authorities did not say what led up to his disappearance, or if he was in handcuffs or chains, but he vanished.

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The trial continued without him, and not surprisingly, the jury came back with a guilty verdict. The Judge issued a bench warrant for his arrest, and the search is on.

Anyone who knows where he is, call (509)-659-1122.


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