Never mind the idea girls aren't supposed to play football!

4 year old Harley has been attending her big brother's Grid Kid football practices for over two years.   A very sports-minded little girl,  if it looks fun, she wants in on it.     This fall, without prompting, she began joining in the team's pre-practice warmups.   Pushups,  up-down drills, running in place, she does it.   She even led the team jog a few times, and finished 2nd! (partly because the big boys didn't want to run over her).   Big brother Dhylan has been in the Kennewick Colts program for four years now,  he's a big 13 year old, and has become quite the hero to his little sister.

She has informed mom and dad that when she gets old enough, she is going to be a football player.  That, along with playing baseball for Kennewick National.   It reminds us that sometimes it's not so much about the sport, but that a child has enthusiasm and chases after what they find fun and challenging.  We're sure not going to tell her she can't!

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