RSD sends 4th-5th back to distance learning (RSD)
RSD sends 4th-5th back to distance learning (RSD)

Richland Schools threw another curve ball at parents this week, voting Tuesday night 4-1 to send 4th and 5th graders back to distance learning.

According to school officials, besides the latest spike in COVID cases, they blamed it on not being able to find enough substitutes for when teachers are out sick, or have to quarantine or miss for other reasons.

While Pre-K through 3rd will continue their hybrid, the District says it will work on hiring more substitutes. Meanwhile, no progress on middle or high school students returning anytime soon.

Predictably, social media sites exploded with angry frustrated parents, at least several dozen whose children attend various grades in Richland said they'd had enough, and were going to begin after Thanksgiving to remove their children from the District. They indicated they would seek another District or some sort of alternative home learning. Others said they would look at one of the private schools in the Tri-Cities area.

No word from RSD as to when 4th and 5th graders will return. As of Wednesday Nov. 25th no alerts or other visible news flashes about this development were posted on the RSD website. To see the site, click on the button below.

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