After a marathon five-hour debate (some say battle) on the floor of the State House in Olympia, the controversial low carbon fuel standard passed along party lines. John Sattgast of the House Republicans (who provides us with the Capitol Buzz Headlines) reports the debate went on for five hours.

House Republicans all voted against the bill, which passed 52-46. Even a few Democrats sided with the GOP.

According to Sattgast:

"House Bill 1091 would require refineries to reduce the carbon content of their fuel or buy credits. The new mandate could drive up the price of gasoline by 57 cents per gallon, and diesel by 63 cents.

The bill authorizes the Department of Ecology to run a program that issues deficits and credits to fuel producers to incentivize lower carbon in gasoline and diesel."

The low carbon fuel standard is patterned after one used in California, which was passed a few years ago. This legislation is one of Gov. Inslee's pet projects, something he's wanted to be passed for some time. It's part of Inslee's goal to make Washington state 'carbon free' within a few decades.

The bill now moves onto the Senate.

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