For his failure to respond to subpoenas, turn over documents and other information, Attorney General Eric Holder could be found in contempt of Congress.

While it is not impeachment, contempt is the step prior to such proceedings.  The Congressional Committee investigating the botched Fast and Furious gun tracking program, led by Rep. Daniel Issa (R) California, believes the Justice Department is hiding their involvement.

  Fast And Furious was a poorly designed plan to allow more than 2,000 illegal guns to flood the Southwestern US market,  then trace them after they were sold to drug cartels--hopefully leading up the food chain to capture high level offenders.   But fewer than 600 of them were ever recovered.  More ominously,  many guns turned up at drug related crime scenes in Mexico and the US and one of the guns was confirmed as being the killer of a US Border Patrol Agent, Brian Terry.

 The guns were 'intentionally' sold to the criminals,  ground-level Border Patrol and other DEA agents complained they were told not apprehend the purchasers and mid level criminals, and top Justice officials have been passing the blame over the failed plan.  All it ended up doing was providing Mexican drug cartels with over 1,400 current and deadly firearms.

   The Oversight Committee believes Attorney General Holder has not supplied all of the requested documents, memos and information; and during his testimony before the Committee he has repeatedly dodged the questions about his office's compliance.   Only one other US Attorney General has ever been found in contempt;  Janet Reno in 1998.

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