Gov. Inslee Set to Sign 2 Controversial Gun Bills
A pair of controversial (and potentially unconstitutional) gun bills are awaiting Gov. Jay Inslee's signature in Olympia.
Despite no votes and opposition from many Eastern Washington and Tri-City area legislators, including Rep. Brad Klippert, House Bill (HB) 1225 and 1465 passed the House and S…
Residents Want Kennewick to Be a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary City
Initiative 1639 is already facing a State Supreme Court challenge, due to a variety of inconsistencies, and the possibility it violated the state's election Initiative laws (because it included MORE than one subject or focus goal). But that hasn't stopped a growing group of Kennewick resid…
71-Year-Old Man Busted for Illegal Possession of Gun
After an ongoing investigation that began in March, Kennewick police have arrested a 71-year-old man in connection with possession of an illegal firearm. What they found in his home was a lot MORE than one.
Joseph L. Hennessey was being looked over an alleged assault incident...

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