Perhaps one of the more dangerous and ambiguous bills moving through the legislature is HB (house bill) 1240 has been approved

 Bill would allow, if passed and signed, an immediate ban on certain weapons

The bill passed the Senate Law & Justice Committee Tuesday. The reason a house bill is being considered in the Senate is the bill moved out of the House to Senate for consideration.

According to, the bill would (in part):

"House Bill 1240 defines dozens of guns that would be banned from sale in Washington, including modifications that would add weapons to the list."

 "As written, the bill prohibits the sale, manufacture, and import of assault weapons in the state, but there are exemptions for law enforcement and the military. Those who already own assault weapons would be allowed to keep them."

The list of weapons is extensive, at one point it was over 60.  Opponents of the bill fear the way it is written and that 'clauses' or amendments or interpretations of the law could possibly allow further restrictions down the road.

Supporters of the bill also jumped on the tragic Nashville school shooting and used it as an example of why such weapons need to be 'banned' from being sold.

If it passes, it would go into effect immediately. Following this news, some observers expect an immediate 'run' on sales of such weapons, from people hoping to get their application and purchase in before the deadline.

To see the bill, and the list of weapons it references, click here.

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