"Alexa, heat up my coffee..."  or "Alexa, turn on the dash cam."  These could be statements you will be making in less than six months, some even now.

According to CNBC, Amazon plans to unleash at least 8 more gadgets to the home and even automotive tech market, including an Alexa controlled or compatible microwave, a Garmin-Amazon dash cam (controlled by Alexa) and even possibly a home robot, although that one's a while away.

Sources say Amazon also recently bought out the wildly successful video doorbell company Ring, and plans to make it Alexa compatible as well.

But perhaps the one that will have people  paying a lot of attention is the dash cam planned for vehicles, with Alexa style programming. In fact, it's already available at Amazon.com for $179.99.

This one will be interesting, as recent distracted driving laws might prohibit this item. In fact, on the Garmin website where it's also sold, it cautions the consumer to check with local laws and codes before purchasing and installing the unit--although it is hands-free.

Alexa controls the Garmin GPS and other car tasks, you simply program Alexa to make it hands free. The camera provides not only recording if your trip, but backup and other 'blind spot' camera assistance. Could come in handy if you get in an accident or get pulled over, some say.

And finally GE has a new microwave coming out that is, you guessed it, controlled by Alexa. Now she will get to decide how hot your coffee needs to be.

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