Previously, there have been some burn bans in certain areas of Washington state, but as of Monday,  it's been expanded everywhere.

Lands Commissioner Peter Goldmark issued a statement Monday that included:

"All outdoor burning on DNR-protected lands is prohibited under this ban, including recreational fires in campgrounds or anywhere on DNR-protected lands. Fireworks and incendiary devices, such as exploding targets, sky lanterns, or tracer ammunition, are illegal on all DNR-protected lands. Charcoal briquettes are also not allowed."

According to state officials from the Department of Natural Resources (DNR)   some $91 million has been spent so far fighting some of the biggest wildfires in our state's history.  This ban covers all lands that are governed or under the jurisdiction of the DNR.  The statement also said:

"The statewide burn ban will run through September 30, 2014. It applies to all lands under DNR fire protection, which does not include federally owned lands."

This is in addition to the Benton-Franklin county burn ban issued by Gov. Inslee.   That ban covers at least 20 Central and Eastern Washington counties.

DNR oversees 143 recreation sites, and 2.2 million acres of land in Washington state.  However, some natural preserves and areas at not overseen by DNR, but Inslee's burn ban applies to these areas.

SO,  if you're going camping, ask the officials at your venue or campground if the ban is in effect.  It will most likely be so.

ALSO- DNR officials say those who are found responsible for starting or spreading fires will face criminal penalties.