Following an 'emergency' type of meeting of the College Place school board a number of changes have or will be implemented for the school district just outside of Walla Walla.

The meeting of predominantly Hispanic parents took place May 30, voicing to the school board a variety of concerns at College Place High School. Also there was a meeting June 6 about issues at Davis Elementary Schools.  Some of the issues included the following, according to information released by the district:

"Equity in athletics: The District will continue to follow Board Policy and Procedure 3210 Non-discrimination. It has also been brought to the Athletic Department’s attention and they will make every effort to ensure equality across all sports.
Wearing of rosaries and cultural significant items:  We are very appreciative to the parents to have educated the District on specific cultural practices with respect to rosaries. We will continue to learn about cultural differences and how they interact with our dress code. These items will be allowed for students to wear as long as there is no disruption in the educational process.
Fairness in dress code infractions: Mr. Payne (Superintendent Tim Payne) addressed the staff at College Place High School on Friday June 1st stating that fairness, respect and dignity with our students and each other is of the upmost importance. We must ensure that all students are treated fairly and come to our schools each day feeling welcome and open to receive the education that we provide and that they deserve.
More bilingual staff at CPPS:  Mr. Payne and the Human Resources Department will be reviewing all current job postings and adding bilingual preferred as relevant to positions. Mr. Payne noted, “We are currently seeking three positions here at College Place School District and would be thrilled to have bilingual applicants.”
Native Languages spoken in school hallways without consequence:  Effective immediately, students in the District will be allowed to speak their native language without consequence during social times at school so long as the conversation is respectful and does not compromise school safety.
Student Handbook translated into Spanish:  The College Place High School Handbook, Spanish version, will be published for the 2018-2019 school year."

Superintendent Payne released also the following statement:

“We deeply appreciate the students and parents who brought these concerns to us. We believe our work together will make College Place Public Schools better for all, As such, the changes I promised at the meeting will be addressed and I welcome continued input and communication.”

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