A 26-year-old man is now in jail after claiming he had a bomb at the Walla Walla Safeway store Sunday.

Monday, police identified him as  Jonathan S. Weis, he's facing probable cause hold charges for harassment with an explosive, 1st degree trespassing and obstruction.

Sunday morning Police and later the Washington State Patrol Bomb Squad were called to the store at 215 E. Rose for a report of a man behaving strangely.

Upon arrival they learned Weis had been inside the store for some time, and when confronted by police, he told them he didn't have to give his name. He had a cellphone taped to his hand and wires leading inside his coat. He reportedly told Police that every Washington State law office should know who he is.

He also made a strange statement about how there should not have been guns brought to the location. The store was evacuated after Police ordered him to come out but Weis headed to the back of the store.

He was apprehended at the front of the store when he came forward again, Police said some switches on his person had no connection to any form of device, and no explosives were found on him after a search by the WSP Bomb Squad.

After being taken to a nearby hospital he was taken to jail. The incident continues to be under investigation.

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