Apparently we cannot turn on the TV without being told how wonderful the President is.

Now it's American Idol who is falling at the altar of Obama.  During Wednesday's edition of the show (which is getting serious ratings challenges from The Voice on NBC)  one of the contestants was working up a rendition of Al Green's "Lets Stay Together" and the network promptly brought up a split screen of Obama when he sang it at the Apollo Theater in January.  

  This follows the nearly 12-15 minutes ESPN devoted (if you add up the 2-3 minutes segments) to Obama filling out his March Madness bracket.   ESPN even called it "Barrack-a tology".  Please...As Newsbusters succintly pointed out, this should be brainless fun, except for two things:   we had nothing  but eight years of complete Bush bashing when George was in the WH; and now, all of a sudden during an election year,  every time we turn on TV, Obama's greatness is shoved down our throats.

  And people wonder why we watch World's Dumbest on TruTV...

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