Fortunately, the motorcycle rider was not seriously injured, but who rams a bike with an RV?!?

Kennewick police responded to the 12000 block of West Clearwater late Thursday, after a biker called to inform them he was rammed by a woman driving an RV.

According to police, she was angry about something, yelled at him, then drove her RV into the back of his bike, causing damage. She then left the scene before police arrived.

She's described as being in her 40's, brown hair and wearing a red shirt. Fortunately, the incident was captured on a surveillance camera. Police are trying to ID the vehicle. Anyone with any information is asked to call (509)-628-0333. All leads are confidential.

One poster on the KPD Facebook page suggested they join an RV online forum, as outdoors folks can often identify makes and models based upon their graphics and decals.

Besides having brown hair, and a red shirt, the woman obviously described as being angry....obsess much?

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