Previous such efforts failed to pass the Legislature in 2014, and 2015. But a new house bill (2165) would change that.

Proposed by 7 West-side House Representatives, House Bill (HB) 2165 would place a tax on e-cigs, and the text mentions all other related vaping products.

The bill's text lays out a long list of health related issues the sponsors say are related to vaping, and also point out Washington state does not classify vaping products as they do traditional cigarettes and tobacco products.

That is according to the Public Health Law Center.

The bill claims it's necessary to protect the health of the public by passing this measure. The bill was first read in the house on Wednesday. How much the tax would be is not yet known, a financial statement was not attached to the bill, laying out what percentage the tax would be.

Previous such efforts have been shot down, largely by the State Senate.